TotalLife Vitamin C from Amla Fruit (60 Count)

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Vitamin C from Amla fruit

  • Amla C is a natural source of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C first and foremost is a powerful antioxidant.
  • The endless source for this vitamin C is completely a hundred percent natural.
  • It is from one of the highest levels that you can possibly get a vitamin C.
  • This C will help build our immune system but also help with anti-aging benefits like less wrinkles, cellulite…etc.
  • Now when we think of vitamin C, we think of oranges. It takes 50 oranges are equivalent of the amla berry. The amla fruit is the size of a grape. It’s more potent and more powerful than any orange.
  • Historically, it's been used in Arabic medicine. It also contains by naturally occurring bioflavonoids.
  • We're not looking at vitamin C that's made in a lab.
  • This Amla C is a proprietary blend.

Ascorbic acid that can actually interfere with some other important aspects of metabolism that I won't get into.

This is not vitamin C made in a lab.

Ascorbic acid is commonly on a label under vitamin C and when you see a ascorbic acid, it means that it is not naturally occurring. In other words, it was most likely created in a lab.

It’s important to note that when we're consuming basically anything our body prefers things in the natural state.

It's like a language where the body understands, “Oh yes, this is vitamin C that's naturally occurring.”

The bioavailability, the absorption, all of that is improved over using some chemical.

You can create an Ascorbic acid, which is the component of vitamin C, which you're taking out of the natural form. And a lot of the source for ascorbic acid is GMO corn source…etc. Need I say more.

Actually you are putting potentially more of a toxin into your body. We really don’t know.

But what we do know is that amyloid is a completely a hundred percent natural and safe and it's a source of vitamin C.

  • It is one of the body's most powerful antioxidants that our body does not manufacturer.

It is involved in many, many biochemical reactions. It is an electron donor. We are looking at the antioxidant effects of scavenging free radicals. We are inundated with free radicals every single day from the toxins that we breathe in the air to our food sources.

Unfortunately, from the things that we slather on our bodies. We're just really a toxic soup unfortunately.

Vitamin C is one of the things that can quench free radicals as it is natural tonic.

The retinal, they actual have found that diabetic retinopathy can be found in those with low levels of vitamin C. you can also look at the downstream effects of cardiovascular health.

The medical community would say that all the root causes of diseases is inflammation.

Whether you're expressing that as hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, dementia, it's all this burning inflammation.

Vitamin C is a critical nutrient that we need, especially in times of pandemic. Our formula here is just a home run.

This product is a high concentrate a vitamin C.

Inflammation is so much more than just pain in the body. The body's language of distress is inflammation.

Now, I may not have an ounce of pain in my body, but I could have a like a smoldering fire of inflammation. That may show up as brain fog, that may show up as weight gain, that may show up as hypertension. We don't know what it's going to specifically show up as in the body because we are all different. We can run labs and we can see patterns of inflammation. Now it is not limited to CRP. Inflammation can show up as blood sugar dysregulation, prediabetes. So all of these things can be a sign that there is inflammation. Again, I don't have any pain in my body, but I certainly could have some insulin resistance that's starting because just like a heart attack, someone doesn't wake up some one morning have a heart attack and have zero cardiovascular issues they were building.

And this is how are these patterns go is that we don't see, or we don't work. There are no signs and symptoms perhaps of diseases that have inflammation. But they build and they build and they build and they build. And that's where proper supplementation is on it.

As you know, it's critical. It is imperative that we at the very least give our body what they need biochemically. And that's what we're doing. We're just literally filling up the gas tank and we're giving our body, our bodies are wonderfully made. They are just intricate machinery.

Our Amla C is such a powerful antioxidant that it’s going to attack a lot of the free radical damage therefore lowering are our inclination towards inflammation. Fair statement.

  • Adrenal glands love the entire vitamin C scene. They absolutely love that cocktail. By taking Vitamin C you are nourishing your adrenal glands.
  • In addition to nourishing your adrenal glands, Our C is almost like an anti-aging tonic. It's good for your skin, it's good for your hair, it's good for your immunity. It's very important for, eyes.

The anti aging goes back to the premise of the inflammation state. So if you're in a state of inflammation, whether because you have an inflammation that hasn't been quenched or you're just living under a state of, of high free radical damage, those free radicals bump into your wrinkles, they bump into your collagen matrix and they literally degrade it. They are degrading it and nonstop. And so you're looking at the collagen and the matrix and how it's built and how that's a very important structure, not just in skin but in joints, and in an all, all kinds of tissues in important structures in our body.

And so looking at the anti aging aspect of it, it really is that free radical ability of this powerful, powerful molecule to go and quench that.

Vitamin C may help with hormonal health. It actually can conserve some of the electrons and then your hormones are better able to actually function properly then they would without the vitamin C. The progesterones and the estrogens and hormones orient aging right there. So when your hormones work better, you're going to look younger and feel better.

  • The amount of C you take each day really depends on the state of the redox and what that particular person and their state of health. So really like an overall general recommendation is somewhere between 500 milligrams to 3000 milligrams and you can really figure out your body's needs by doing a vitamin C flush.
  • Keep in mind in the state of the toxins in our bodies right now, we absolutely need to have the critical amount of vitamin C in our body. I would say that needs can change on a daily, weekly, daily bait. Now if I suddenly got sick, there'd be more transporters ID, more, more vitamin C needed. It's pretty intuitive.