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Sick Of Meal Prep That Takes Hours?

If you are sick and tired of long, drawn out meal prep the solution to that is here!

We created this plan to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time for other things you love to do BUT Time is running out to get in on the pre-launch of this time-saving system! When we officially launch 3-Step Meal Prep the price will go up and you don’t want to spend another week doing your meal prep the old way!

The 3-Step Meal Prep plan can give you back precious time by getting you out of 4-hour meal prep every week and get out of the boring rut of eating the same big batch meals all week.

The 3-Step Meal Prep system is a necessity for everyone!

  • If you love to cook it’s for you!
  • If you want fast, easy, delicious recipes that can me made in minutes, it’s for you!
  • If you want to spend more time doing the things you love instead of spending four hours in the kitchen on Sunday prepping your food for the week, it’s for you!

Remember there is a different recipe for every day of the month! Super delicious and easy recipes like sloppy joe pizza, tacos and even mini burger sliders.

Actually, you get even more than the recipes!

You get all the master class recordings, written transcripts, power point slides and recipe book that gives you a breakdown of each main food with two deliciously different ways it can be prepared. Just open the recipe book and see what you’re in the mood for—each recipe only takes minutes to prepare.

Start making your Sundays a fun day and get out of the 4-hour meal prep rut! It’s right here at your fingertips…Buy 3-Step Meal Prep now and take your Sunday back!