How to Think Yourself Thin - Live Experience

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How to Think Yourself Thin with Donna Krech and Tim Shurr!


Have you ever found yourself saying with regard to your weight loss or whatever program you might be following, including ours?


Have you ever found yourself saying, “I just don't want to do this again”, or even “I can't do this again”, or “this is hard”, “I don't want to do this again,” or “I have done ‘this’ so many times ‘this’ meaning a diet plan.


“I've done this so many times that I'm sick of doing it”. You might even have thoughts, like “I'm going to fail again.”


Or… “Okay. I've been through it so many times and failed so many times that I'm probably not going to succeed this time either.


Now, you may not talk about these thoughts, but these are thoughts that actually add to us being overweight or carrying excess weight and even being in poor health show.


How To Think Yourself Thin Master Class is going to teach us how to Think Ourselves where we want to be!

The bottom line is you can think yourself fatter. You can think yourself more unhealthy. You can think yourself sicker, but you can also think yourself healthier! You can even think yourself into just being in a better place, all around relationships, finances, your work situation, spiritually, all kinds of things. So in our Think Yourself Thin Masterclass we're going to talk about how to think yourself thin.

Our session is with Tim Shure, our emotional trauma and PTSD expert. I expect you will have an awakening about the beliefs that are hurting you regarding specifically your weight loss and wellness. You’ll discover from Tim’s equipping you to understand where both your beliefs and or limiting beliefs are coming from and what to do with them.  

Again, if you've ever had thoughts in your mind, like, “I just don't know if I can do this again,” or “It's not going to work,” “Boy, I sure hope this one works,” “I know other people have succeeded, but I know I'm going to be hungry.” Or “I know other people have succeeded, but I know this is going to be hard for me.”

If you have had any thoughts like these? Those are belief statements that we will help you be aware of during this Master Class.

You will walk away from this session with the three steps to make your weight loss journey simpler, easier and more productive. Those steps will feel almost magical when you plug them in because it’ is kind of like magic to THINK YOURSELF THIN!”